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Sales Of New Detroit Exceeds Expectations

Sales Of New Detroit Exceeds Expectations

Kasmavtsu Music Credits New Business Model




Berlin–(Kasmavtsu Music)– Sales, Downloads and internet traffic is the best that it has ever been for Kasmavtsu Music and Kelvn Sholar. Since independent Record Label Kasmavtsu Music announced that it will change how it does business, by giving away records and other products shortly before they are made available for purchase in an effort to grow networks of fans based on quality content, customers have flocked to “New Detroit”.


Label Owner, and primary artist, Kelvin Sholar explains “Since we’ve offered the record for free one week before its release, traffic to the site has been the highest in twelve months. Now, four days into February we have more sells, downloads and visits than any other month in the past year! This includes my previous record Bewteen Worlds!”.


Copies of Sholar’s release “New Detroit”, can be purchased at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kelvinsholar2. Watch the music videos for New Detroit for free with the Youtube playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK20ipoPiRRLHbQC_RyC3EGOU3MM4SvLe.  


Kasmavtsu Music encourages artists to make content that appeals to a small niche of loyal listeners- not mass marketing, and focusing on distribution through personal networks which have the potential to grow globally. Kasmavtsu Music’s stance, is in stark contrast to the standard business practices in the music industry because most mass marketers, PR and Ad agencies pay traditional and new media sources lots of money to feature their products in Ads and articles. That means, where the previous model depended on spending lots of advertising money to interrupt a mass of random people, this new model utilizes social media and networks to distribute content to contacts, and this is made easier with free free content in small formats like mp3. 


Sholar adds “It has been the support of friends that make the most impact on this record. Lauren Garnier really supported us on “It Is What It Is”: Season 4 /Show 16 /15 December 2012 which was played on Le Mouv’ PureFM and Colour3. Gilles Petersen also gave massive support on Gilles Petersen World Wide (GPWW 821) which was also picked up by Funkhaus Europa. In addition we’ve gotten lots of Blog press and podcast support- like Lovegang, Fallin´Deep podcast by Matthias Chmiel, Postcast #003 by HD Substance, Clubing Spain, Andreas Plata, First Post, Frequency, 931 WDRQ, Kingdom For Music, Music Magazine, Butzke Voll by Beatrausch, Gravity Fm by Rustam Ospanoff, Charles Blass and Sun Radio, TonhalleLate, and Werkstatt Der Kulturen. Last week Laurent placed a call for support for two days on his Facebbok site and we got over 1000 visits in a matter of minutes!”


Kasmavtsu Music is a small record label and publishing house that exclusively handles music by Kelvin Sholar as a writer. Examples of Sholar’s catalogue span the enormously popular Hip Hop record “Kamaal The Abstract” by Qtip to “Edge” by Miles Davis alumni Lenny White, to music featured on International American television- including “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance”. Kasmavtsu Music, the record label, has released three recordings: “Esoterica” (KAS001), Kevin Jones “The Land Of Eternal Tranquil Light” (KAS002) and “Between Worlds” (KAS003) in 2012, and given away a free download release, Solo Live (KAS00F), in 2011.


Pick Up your copy of New Detroit from Kasmavtsu Music at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kelvinsholar2




About Kelvin Sholar



About New Detroit

New Detroit can be purchased at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kelvinsholar2





Video Playlist


About Laurent Garnier “It Is What It Is”: Season 4 /Show 16 https://soundcloud.com/laurent-garnier/radioshow-it-is-what-it-is-79


About Gilles Petersen World Wide (GPWW 821): http://fm4.orf.at/radio/stories/1710281/




About Love Gang



About Fallin´Deep Podcast/ Matthias Chmiel



About Postcast #003: HD Substance



About Clubing Spain



About Andreas Plata: New Detroit

New Detroit


Andreas Plata: Kelvin Sholar´s “Orange-Yellow”

Kelvin Sholar – „Orange-Yellow“


About First Post

First Post Orange Yellow



First Post Orange



About Frequency



About 931 WDRQ



About Kingdom For Music, Music Magazinehttp://kingdom4music.wordpress.com/2013/01/13/kelvin-sholar-new-detroit/


About Butzke Voll/ Beatrausch

Butzke voll


About Gravity Fm January Chart 2013. Part I & Part II



About Funkhaus Europa http://www.funkhauseuropa.de/world_wide_music/playlists/index.phtml?datum=2012-12-29


About Charles Blass/ Sun Radio/ LoRa 97.5FM/ Zurich, Switzerland



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For Interviews and Bookings 

Jimi Wunderlich +49.30.2944.9781

Mobile: +49.176.6460.0553 


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