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New Detroit: An Introduction

New Detroit: An Introduction

I. Introduction

You are reading a special blog about New Detroit, a group of media including a live record and related visual and physical content. This blog serves as a presentation of facts and background ideas, and as a source of information for those interested in New Detroit. In this blog, I will introduce myself, describe what New Detroit really is, explain why New Detroit is different from other projects, provide a network of vocal supporters, present a schedule of live events and releases, and give you a fifteen point plan that outlines exactly how you can mediate the quality of New Detroit to your own network. We hope to engage you and dialogue, maybe become friends, but definitely link to each other as members of a personal network.

Purchase New Detroit Here:http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kelvinsholar2

Kelvin Sholar (by Niklaus Von Wood)
Kelvin Sholar (by Niklaus Von Wood)

II. Who Is Kelvin Sholar?

I’m a fourth generation musician that has won over ten awards for music, I’ve appeared on over one hundred recordings in different genres and I’ve worked with many of the best musicians in the world. My personal style is a mix of Jazz Piano, Classical Concepts and Detroit Techno elements; but, I’m known for just playing good, beautiful and honest music, independently of stylistic boundaries or trends.

To issue my works, I own a small record label and publishing house called Kasmavtsu Music. Kasmavtsu Music BMI the publishing company (BMI# 729919), handles music by myself as a writer (BMI# 728162). My works as a writer for other artists are featured on over 30 recordings, including “Kamaal The Abstract” by Qtip, “Edge” by Lenny White, and music featured on International American television- including American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

Kasmavtsu Music, the record label, has released three recordings: “Esoterica” (KAS001), Kevin Jones “The Land Of Eternal Tranquil Light” (KAS002) and “Between Worlds” (KAS003) in 2012, and given away a free download release, Solo Live (KAS00F), in 2011.

Original Flyer of BerMuDa Event At Ritter Butzke
Original Flyer of BerMuDa Event At Ritter Butzke

III. What Is New Detroit?

New Detroit is a live recording that is accompanied by several music videos, a tour, and audio media (i.e. a physical cd and a digital download). New Detroit documents a live performance of the Kelvin Sholar Group at Ritter Butzke in Berlin. We were featured artists during BerMuDa (i.e. Berlin Music Days), Berlin’s best electronic music festival. The concert was subtitled “XO: crossing the boundaries of jazz, classic and electronic” and it featured the Kalavan Suite and live intepretations of Detroit Techno Classics by Jeff Mills, Rob Hood and Juan Atkins.

The first four songs of “New Detroit” (i.e. “Red”, “Orange”, “Blue-Indigo” and “Orange-Yellow”) are one-third of The Kalavan Suite, an original work in twelve movements that implements symmetrical tonalities based on Mother-chords, dual-meter duodecimal rhythms and contrasting manual textures in the form of a Jazz piano suite. These songs feature myself on piano, Jonathan Robinson on bass and Tobias Backhaus on drums. The music sounds like a mixture of colorful jazz swing, synthetic clouds of strings, balkan rhythms and powerful grooves. The remainder of the album features my live performance of classic Detroit techno, with Klaus Frauenholz on additional electronics: Jeff Mill’s “Wrath Of The Punisher” and “Changes Of Life”; Rob Hood’s “The Protector”, “Museum”, and “Station Rider E”; Juan Atkin’s “Starlight”, and “Technicolor”. As an encore, we perform my original Detroit Techno song “K of 7”.

Kevin Saunderson and InnerCity in Detroit- feat. Kelvin Sholar
Kevin Saunderson and InnerCity in Detroit- feat. Kelvin Sholar

IV. Why Is New Detroit Different?

New Detroit is different from the average Jazz, Classical or Techno record because it melds elements of these genres, placing itself somewhere between them. New Detroit is perhaps my best recorded effort to date for many reasons. I don’t say that lightly with over one hundred recording credits and hundreds or performing credits; if anything, I have become more critical with time. The “new” in New Detroit refers to new and original content, new interpretations of standard classics, new performance combinations (in terms of devices and techniques), and the newness of improvising live which always produces something fresh and unexpected.

An amazing, unexpected and new thing happened when we performed with Ester Ambrosino in Erfurt at the TownHall. She helped us to take the Kalavan Suite to the next level with her improvisatory dance, adding a live element that was powerful and immediate. I love Ballet, and our performance immediately evoked a modern Rite Of Spring. Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7L7k53hlKY and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnLx_Kfvoqo to see what I mean. This is unique, new and powerful interaction of concepts, forms and technologies in a way that is emotional and intellectual. Jazz and Electronics Meets Ballet- Live!

The Kalavan Suite, was composed according to fifteen new rules and concepts that anyone can use to compose original music. Seehttp://www.squidoo.com/the-kalavan-suite for more details- it gets deep. The compositional technique is similar to Serial techniques of Arnold Schonberg, and they can be considered a modern variation of fixing musical parameters by other criteria than popular harmony, rhythm and melody.

The Kalavan Suite is not just a technical exercise; it has a spiritual origin. The title of the suite refers to Kalavan, an ancient Sanskrit name. In English, the “-van” part of the name translates as “one who possesses”. “Kala” translates as “the sixty-four fine arts”, “a means of calculation”, “one of sixteen phases of the moon”, “time” and “bluish-black”. Most significantly, Kalavan is a synonym for Shiva, the dark and dreadlocked Hindu deity. The name Kalavan was given to me by Joan Suval, senior disciple of Ananda Ashram (http://www.anandaashram.org/). Kalavan is very close to my first name, Kelvin, suggesting an ancient etymological connection. I named the suite Kalavan to acknowledge the event of this naming.

The next six songs of New Detroit are LIVE interpretations of Detroit Techno Classics featuring lots of spontaneous improvisation; an opposing trend to most Techno. Another difference with New Detroit is that the Techno set is created from scratch, there are no overdubs, and no prerecorded songs; only a piano, electric piano, synth, drum machine and additional electronics. I try to approach Detroit Techno Classics with the same depth that i do European or Jazz classics. I research and find the details I need to bring the music to life in my own way. This is why the sound of the Korg M1, Roland SH-101, Roland TR-808, Roland TR-909 and Roland TB-303, which influenced the sound of Detroit Techno, are emulated in New Detroit.

In New Detroit, I apply Jazz concepts like Swing, Blues and the Jazz vocabulary of Improvisation (I quote both Ellington’s “It Don’t Mean A Thing” and John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”) to Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and Juan Atkins. This is not a first, some Techno acknowledges Jazz: think Mike Banks’ “Nation 2 Nation”, Model 500’s “Jazz Is The Teacher” and “Hi-Tech Jazz”. Kevin Saunderson and Inner City are one of the original Techno bands that strived to maintain a live show and feel, despite dancefloor hits. Not only is that a successful venture, but it points the way to the future of Techno. The pic headling this section is take live of Kevin Saunderson and Innercity Live in Detroit For the Electronic Music Festival (Move Festival), where I was a special guest and I personally remixed several of Kevin’s Biggest hits (good Life, Pennies From Heaven, Big Fun etc…). I spent several years with Carl Craig’s Innerzone with Wendell Harrison, Francisco Mora, Francesco Tristano, “Mad” Mike Banks, and Damon Warmack- with a ten piece orchestra once. His fusion of Jazz and Techno is well acknowledged- Check his “Bug In The Bassbin” with Rodney Whittaker from Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra on the Bass and Francisco Mora on the drums.

Some Jazz acknowledges Detroit Techno like Herbie Hancock’s Future2Future; Bill Laswell and Carl Craig represented Techno. This shows that New Detroit, like these other projects, is a continuation of a larger tradition. Its natural, Detroit Techno is a branch on a tree rooted in Giorgio Moroder, Alexander Robotnick, Claudio Simonetti, Visage, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, The Human League, Heaven 17, A Number of Names, Kraftwerk, Manuel Göttsching, Jean-Marc Cerrone, and Yellow Magic Orchestra (among others). The last group even used the words “Techno” first in the titles of their music; think “Technopolis”, “Technodelic” and “The Spirit of Techno” in their titles.

What I like most about Detroit Techno is that most other genres think of their songs as independent creations that should contrast as much as possible from the rest. But Detroit Techno records tend to sound like a long DJ set where songs have a similar vibe to the point of not noticing the track change. In New Detroit, I maintain the continuos Dj set feel that Detroit Techno is known for. Tracks 5-12 are at 130 BPM with no breaks so the dancers can just…dance. This continuous flow of energy without break is the same idea behind a suite in Classical music.

One Of Our Syndicated Sponsors: GIlles Petersen Worldwide ((GPWW 821)
One Of Our Syndicated Sponsors: GIlles Petersen Worldwide ((GPWW 821)

V. Network Support

Nothing happens in a vacuum. Though I am obviously the most visible person, New Detroit represents the efforts of many different people working together for a cause. That cause is to develop and promote good art. In a world dominated by visual media, that means that we try to look as good as we sound. The visual aspects of “New Detroit” have been designed by independent designer Andreas Plata- in terms of the front and back cover of the record and the cd face, as well as, three music videos (i.e. “Orange”, “Orange-Yellow” and “K of 7”) which he filmed (along with Philine von Duszeln), edited and produced. The company logos were designed by independent photographer Philip Wittulsky. The audio aspects of New Detroit have been designed by certified master engineer Christoph Schlimbach in terms of recording live, mixing and mastering (including generating audio for the music videos). My website (http://kelvinsholar.com) was designed to match the color palette and feel of the cd and video design.

New Detroit is the product of a concerted effort, it’s not only about me. The intensity of vision that we poured into this record has been rewarded by the sheer passion of the responses we have gotten from our network of supporters- big and small. Instead of sharing more of my own thoughts on how much value New Detroit has for today’s music scene, I’ll just quote from some of our more well known supporters.

Laurent Garnier

“The four jazz tracks completely BLEW ME AWAY, the version of Orange-Yellow is absolutely stunning. What a superb moment of music ! Of course I am also really into the Techno orientated tracks. I really love “Changes of life”. This is really a superb release, especially when we don’t hear enough music coming from Detroit nowadays. So wonderful to hear music like this. I am a biiiig fan. I can’t believe how brilliant Orange-Yellow is! Wwwhhhaaaouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”

Robert Owens

“Beautiful music sir!”

Corey Harris

“This brother is a musical giant of our times. I loved working with him. He is not only a master of his instrument. He is a true artist committed, soulful and incomparable.”

Gilles Petersen

“Woah! Great album! Some firing pieces on there sir. Orange Yellow is a modern day jazz dance trouble shooter of a track – bang!”.

DJ Riccio

“Orange Yellow Is definitely The Track! And to follow: Red, Orange and Green Blue the more jazzy influenced, and i’m also in a jazzy mood now. Very well done, I feel your original roots and your best set-up”

DJ gAs

“Huge job! ..Crossing jazzy sounds to house as hell. I really love “Wrath Of The Punisher” and I’m gonna play it for sure in my next gigs, it builds up soooo good! “Changes Of Life” is a big one too..that’s Detroit man!”

Michael Reinboth- Compost Records

“Absolutely stunning. The jazz tracks are unbelievable- Fantastic.”

Dj Flowleo

“Your new album is fantastic. Orange-Yellow is a good one because it sounds Techno but it is acoustically played and it makes the perfect bridge between the two worlds. The Techno tracks are interesting because it normally never contains any good key solos, this is your personal touch. Techno gets a nice uplift, the fruit of all your musical influences, a great Sholar work.”

Rustam Ospanoff

“Listening to “Changes”, “Starlight” and “Orange-Yellow” I can see the Future of Detroit!”

Dj Hubi

“I really love the jazzy songs a lot! The New Detroit Techno songs are also cool; I will play some of them for sure! full support!!! Nice to finally include some real “music” elements into Techno:-). My favorite is Technicolor!!!”

HD Substance (Luis Rozalén)

“The music is awesome. Really well executed, bright sounding and brilliant all the way.”

Gavin Russom

“I really love the music, the atmosphere it creates and especially the movement within the jazz pieces. Wow, Orange is so lovely. And how important and relevant to draw the line between jazz and Techno so lyrically, to shine a light on the deep kinship between electronic dance music and the roots of American, and particularly African American music from which it was born. Beyond being a strong personal statement it’s also a sweet song of praise and love for Detroit, a city which has birthed much of what defines the real America.”

Katje Ruge


Kyle Geiger

“Man…really glad you sent me this because I absolutely loved when you guys played Orange-Yellow at the show. It sounds just as good live as it does recorded…so I was hoping that track wasn’t just left behind at the show and nothing but a memory in my head. I think that show best encompasses what I know about you as a musician….a true pianist that’s not afraid to break the mold and get funky”.

Patrick Hubik

“Your Songs are AMAZING!!!! Nice to hear some more digital stuff. I love it when you get some nasty Techno!”.

Jerome Sydenham

“The New Detroit project emphasizes, yet again, the ambidextrous and illustrious talents of the great Kelvin Sholar. And to think that this album was recorded live! Wow, wish I was at that show!

Clik For Weblog
Clik For Weblog

VI. Live Events

To celebrate the release of New Detroit, I will be giving nine concerts around Europe in the Spring, and concerts around America in the Summer. I will perform five concerts in Italy with longtime friends Tommaso Cappelato and Andrea Lombardini.

Then, I give a special concert in Zurich at Tonhalle for the Classic Meets Electronics series featuring Julia Fischer on Violin (she will play Dvorak/ op. 53 and Tschaikowsky/ op. 3). I will play my New Detroit program with Klaus Frauenholz, and Mike Huckaby will play his famous Sun Ra Edits on tape and other material.

I will perform three concerts in Berlin. At Badenscherhof I will play from the Kalavan Suite with Jonathan Robinson and Javier Reyes, my standard Jazz trio. At Atrane, I will play acoustic trio versions of Classic Techno and Jazz songs with Jonathan Robinson and Tobias Backhaus the recorded trio. At the Werkstatt Der Kulturen I will present the full program of New Detroit with modern dance by Makiko Tominaga and Tommaso Cappelato on drums. Details follow.


Kelvin Sholar Trio (Sholar, Cappelato, Lombardini)

Tuesday Feb. 19

Ca’ Zen – Mestre (VE)

Wednesday Feb. 20

Cockney London Pub – Correzzola (PD)


Thursday Feb. 21

Cantine De L’Arena – Verona


Friday Feb. 22

Osteria Al Ponte – Belluno


Saturday Feb. 23

Inverness Corner Pub – Ramera (TV)



Switzerland, CH

Friday March 1st

Zurich Tonhalle / Classic Meets Electronics:

Julia Fischer, Kelvin Sholar feat. Klaus Frauenholz, Mike Huckaby


Berlin, DE

Tuesday March 5th


The Kalavan Suite: Twelve Colorful Movements


Thursday March 21


The Jazz Side Of Detroit Techno


Friday March 22

Werkstatt Der Kulturen

New Detroit: Jazz, Techno, and Modern Dance- feat. Makiko Tominaga


Kasmavtsu Music BMI
Kasmavtsu Music BMI

VII. Participate!

How YOU can Mediate The Quality Content Of New Detroit

Here are fifteen ways that you can participate in New Detroit. They all essentially boil down to starting a conversation and exchanging.

1). Befriend me and my network of supporters on social media. This includes:

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/kelvin.sholar)

Twitter (https://twitter.com/kelvinsholar)

ReverbNation (http://www.reverbnation.com/kelvinsholar)

My Space (http://www.myspace.com/kelvin_sholar)

Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/kelvin-sholar)

LinkedIn and Google Plus.

2). Subscribe to my Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/kelvinsholar), and like my videos. Share the New Detroit playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK20ipoPiRRL…

3). Collect all the free music downloads from my website (http://www.kelvinsholar.com/html/downloads.php) and repost your favorites with your own art to create a personal music video.

4). Support Kasmavtsu Music, my publishing and record company. Purchase New Detroit at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kelvinsholar2.Find my physical cd’s and digital downloads on Cdbaby, Itunes or Amazon, purchase your favorites and recommend them to friends. Perform my compositions live, publish with us as a writer, license our music for film, television and other traditional and new media.

5). Absorb knowledge from my articles on Squidoo and share links (http://www.squidoo.com/lensmasters/kasmavtsumusic)…

6). Listen to podcasts from my website (http://www.kelvinsholar.com/rss/podcast.php).

7). Syndicate my RSS feed (http://www.kelvinsholar.com/rss/get_feed.php?feed=…

8). Come to a live event on the schedule above and introduce yourself.

9). Join my mailing list (http://www.kelvinsholar.com/html/contact.php) and network page (http://www.kelvinsholar.com/html/notepad.php).

10). Encourage the search of “Kelvin Sholar” and “New Detroit” on Google and Bing.

11). Write about New Detroit on your traditional and new media channels and link to me (http://www.kelvinsholar.com/).

12). DJ tracks from New Detroit live and give me the playlist.

13). Create podcasts with tracks from New Detroit.

14). Promoters should book the show at inappropriate spaces and festivals. Our agent is found at (http://www.be1two.net/).

15). Anyone can comment on online content and share on social networking sites.

One Of Our Syndicated Sponsors: Laurent Garnier //It Is What It Is
One Of Our Syndicated Sponsors: Laurent Garnier //It Is What It Is

VIII. Content Details

Following is a list of content details which includes release dates for physical and digital downloads, recording details, and supportive medias like blogs, radio syndication, podcasts, festivals, social media, agency, tour spaces.

Purchase New Detroit:http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kelvinsholar2

Laurent Garnier “It Is What It Is”: Season 4 /Show 16 /15 December 2012


Pure FM




Le Mouv’ (Radio-France 92.1 FM)


Gilles Petersen World Wide (GPWW 821):http://fm4.orf.at/radio/stories/1710281/

Worldwide Playlist (GPWW 821):http://www.radiox.de/sendungen/gilles-peterson-wor…



Fallin´Deep Podcast/ Matthias Chmiel


Postcast #003: HD Substance


Clubing Spain: http://www.clubbingspain.com/videos/2012/kelvin-sh…

Andreas Plata: New Detroit


Andreas Plata: Kelvin Sholar´s “Orange-Yellow”


First Post Orange Yellow


First Post Orange




931 WDRQ


Kingdom For Music, Music Magazine: Kelvin Sholar – “New Detroit”


Butzke Voll/ Beatrausch


Gravity Fm January Chart 2013. Part I & Part II


Funkhaus Europahttp://www.funkhauseuropa.de/world_wide_music/play…

Charles Blass/ Sun Radio/ LoRa 97.5FM/ Zurich, Switzerland



BerMuDa Festival


Music Baut Brucken


Incubate Festival









Social Music Platforms:

ReverbNation (http://www.reverbnation.com/kelvinsholar)

My Space (http://www.myspace.com/kelvin_sholar)

Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/kelvin-sholar)

Youtube New Detroit Playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK20ipoPiRRL…


BE1TWO: http://www.be1two.net/

Miss Sam (Support Agency Of Music And Arts)


Tour Spaces:





Badenscherhof Jazz Club


Atrane Jazz Club


Werkstatt Der Kulturen



Squidoo Article Series


IX. Recording Details

From Title To Featured Artists

1. Title: New Detroit

2. Artist: Kelvin Sholar

3. Record Company: Kasmavtsu Music

4. Format: Cd and Digital Download

5. Catalogue Number: Kas 004

6. Release Date: March 22, 2013 (Cd)

7. Release Date: Feb 1st, 2013 (Digital)

8. Vendors: Cdbaby, 24-7, 7digital, Amazon MP3, Apple iTunes, Bloom.fm, Deezer, Emusic, Google Music Store, GreatIndieMusic, iHeartRadio, Last.fm, MediaNet, Muve Music, MySpace Music, Myxer, Nokia, Omnifone, Rdio, Rhapsody, Simfy, Spotify, Tradebit, and Xbox Music.

9. Track Listing:

a) “Red” (Kelvin Sholar) 6:07

b) “Orange” (Kelvin Sholar) 12:13

c) “Green-Blue” (Kelvin Sholar) 5:02

d) “Orange-Yellow” (Kelvin Sholar) 9:43

e) “Wrath Of The Punisher” (Jeff Mills) 3:46

f) “The Protector” (Rob Hood) 3:23

g) “Museum” (Rob Hood) 4:48

h) “Starlight” (Juan Atkins) 4:21

i) “Changes Of Life” (Jeff Mills) 5:47

j) “Technicolor” (Juan Atkins) 3:58

k) “Station Rider E” (Rob Hood) 3:11

l) “K Of 7” (Kelvin Sholar) 6:28 (Total- 1:08:41)

10. Produced by Kelvin Sholar for Kasmavtsu Music BMI

11. Legal Byline: © & P Kasmavtsu Music 2013.

12. Featured Artists:

Kelvin Sholar- Piano, Electric Piano, Synth, Drum Machine

Jonathan Robinson- Bass

Tobias Backhaus- Drums

Klaus Frauenholz- Electronics

New Detroit Release Details
New Detroit Release Details

X. Conclusion

You’ve read everything there is to read about “New Detroit”. Now, purchase a copy athttp://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kelvinsholar2, watch the music behind New Detroit for free with the Youtube playisthttp://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK20ipoPiRRL… and the other great free online content listed above.

Purchase my other records on Cdbaby, Itunes or Amazon (Digital Download on February 1st, 2013 and Physical Cds on March 22, 2013). You know me now, and you know many details of what makes New Detroit something special. Please participate with us at Kasmavtsu Music and start up a conversation about New Detroit. Let us create a personal network based on sharing information about good music and musical services. To start, leave a comment below, and share a link to this blog with your friends. Hope to exchange with you SOON. Sincerely, Kelvin Sholar and the Kasmavtsu Music Family.

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